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Filming a video is something that seems like a standardized requirement for those who want to make something of themselves in the world of skateboarding. To clarify, I’m referring to ‘making something of oneself’ as getting sponsored, going pro, and/or becoming a legend in the industry. 


Whether or not that’s the case, it seems like most of those individuals that we look up to and admire have given us a plethora of ‘parts,’ which have inspired us to push ourselves beyond our perceived limits. 


While I used to marvel at the thought of having thousands of other people gawking at my performance on some magazine's YouTube page, I now, instead, find Instilling inspiration in others to be something that I find much more attractive. 


The fame and the glory may come as a ‘cherry on top’ if God wishes for us to experience that. However, a more worthwhile goal is to use ourselves as living sacrifices in the hopes that we can inspire others to push themselves to accomplish the goals they thought could only exist as fantasies. 


Rather than allowing this video to be a polished gem, I want it to include all the nitty gritty bits so that it might portray an authentic perspective. It’ll be like a ‘rough cut’ of sorts, but much more than that. 


I’m not entirely sure how it’ll look, but I invite you to participate in casting the vision. 

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